About This Site

Linear Weighted Decision Analysis

This site is an implementation of "Linear Weighted Decision Analysis". That's fancy-talk for "making decisions based mainly on the most important factors".

For each decision, you first write down (or in this case, enter into the program) what factors you want to consider, and how important they are. In this case, I supply a seven-point scale, from "Very Low" to "Very High" importance. For example, if you're deciding what car to buy, you might want to consider things like price, reliability, fuel economy, cargo capacity, and comfort.

Then you enter what your alternatives are. In this case, you might be considering a Honda Civic Hybrid, Toyota Prius, Ford Focus, Chevy Volt, or Audi A4.

Lastly, you enter how good each alternative is, in each factor. I supply a seven-point scale, from Very Bad to Very Good. For instance, the hybrids would have Very Good fuel economy, but the Audi is probably more comfortable.

Then, The Decider does the work! If you want to do Linear Weighted Decision Analysis by hand, multiply each rating by the factor's weight, and add them up for each alternative. The alternative with the highest total is the winner!

Site Features

This is a very rough prototype. The UI has not been polished much, and I am still tweaking the workflow.

Other planned features include:

  • Guest account, so you can try it without creating an account
  • Help
  • Member directory (opt-in), with name and proximity searches
  • Following people (need not be bidirectional)
  • Friending people (must be bidirectional)
  • More granular decision visibility: making them visible only to your friends, followers, or other members, instead of just private or public
  • Seeing various lists of decisions, such as all you can see, just yours, just a given person's, etc.
  • Copying someone else's decision to your account so you can play with it
  • Sending me feedback
  • More info about me
  • Feel free to suggest more!


The programming was all done by me.

The background image comes from Wikimedia Commons, specifically http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Think_about_balance.png.